Friday, August 5, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): AWAKE IN SLEEP

AWAKE IN SLEEP is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


We started all of this several months ago, out of nowhere, just because we loved sludge/post-rock/post-hardcore music, such as Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, AmenRa... So, after jamming a for a while, we sat down and put the ideas into songs, which we recorded right after this, because we received a pretty great offer for (semi-amateur) studio time...

"Awake in Sleep is an amazing new sludgy post metal band from France. The music is a reflection on how something so beautiful can be devastatingly heavy as well. Mellow passages lead you into a brick wall of bone-jarring guitars, heartfelt barking vocals and experimental noise. Awake in Sleep recently put their CD up on Bandcamp for "name your price". EP closer "Flowing Seasons" is epic!! Show your support and help these dudes out. Killer artwork by the way!"

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