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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): THE HEDONS

THE HEDONS are today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Formed shortly after the dissolution of Indy doom giants NECROPHARMACON in the hot summer of 2010, THE HEDONS are an unapologetic hybrid of punk, fuzz, doom, and psychedelic rock. Composed of Jeff Kaleth on guitars and effects, Ryan Strawsma on bass and low-end, and Jace Epple on drums and percussion, this power trio blends an elegant dance of hypnotic and screechy exclamations with guitar and bass-driven melodies. Driven and inventive, this band is all about the release, in whatever shocking form of pleasure it may take.

"There are some bands that just completely personify what Heavy Planet is all about. Indianapolis' The Hedons are absolutely one of those bands. Combining fuzzy tones, trippy psychedelics, spacey riffs, doomy grooves and some pretty killer artwork. Self-proclaimers of "astro-doom", The Hedons also add megaphoned vocals and a punk attitude to expand on their very raw garage rock sound. Go buy their latest CD "Earth On My Nerves" on their Bandcamp site."



  1. Excellent band. Ryan writes reviews for me from time to time.

  2. I did not know that, very cool! Love their sound.


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