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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): Jerusalem

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Jerusalem.


Jerusalem were born in summer 2005 aftere a long sweaty series of jam sessions in a lightless poor room ( then the light was restored and the room turned back to its ancient splendors). We decided to be the clones of something just because we were lazy... in a couple of weeks we decided that that game was boring and we started working on a three piece suite 30 minutes long, just to do something interesting for us. After a year playing that suite and working on it, we started live activities, being opening acts of some important names of the scene. Because of jobs and stuff of real world we had to relent our live activities, since last year, when, after a direct change of style we started back live performances as an all-destroying-fast-psych-band, and now we are in studio for a real release of a couple of tracks on heavy heavy vinyl. Previous demos are still flying somewere in the blogspots, but, sincerely I don't remember them links.....

"Jerusalem is an all-instrumental band from Italy. The band plays soft mezmerising music to chill-out to. Soft jazz-like passages wrap around a repetitive steady groove. By using various sound effects and a mellow bass line the band eventually blasts into a bone chilling wall of reverberation. Although the band's songs on MySpace are a bit dated, the band currently has a few newer demo tracks available on their Reverb Nation page. Jerusalem continues to play gigs around the local scene. Take a listen."



  1. saw them live a couple of times. blastin' fuckin' bastards, great show, odd tempos, great original tunes.
    the recordings on the web are poor, but as a live band they kick every guy in the club's ass!!
    looking forward for a real record, just can't wait!


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