Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Ocular Audio Experiment's New Video "Mesmeria"

The Ocular Audio Experiment, a psychedelic shapeshifter from Boston has just released a new video for 1 of 2 tracks from their recent release "Mesmeria", an entirely improvised EP. Clocking in at roughly 23 minutes, the video is an abstract epic made with humble means by The Ocular Audio Experiment's founder Alex Pollock. Though the group is still young at only a year and a half, they released 4 albums in 2010, all of which are drastically different, and they are currently working on their second full length album which is to be released this summer. You can buy their music here:

The Ocular Audio Experiment - Mesmeria EP Video :

The Ocular Audio Experiment - Mesmeria EP from OcularAudio on Vimeo.

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