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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heavy Rotation: Orchid-Capricorn

When I first heard an EP from this band last year it left me wanting more. It was probably one of my most highly anticipated releases for 2011. Well, it did not disappoint. Therefore, "Capricorn" by San Francisco's Orchid is in "Heavy Rotation".

I guess what drew me into this band was how eerily similar they sounded like to my favorite band of all-time Black Sabbath (minus Ozzy sounding vocals). The feel of the album is very retro as if it could have been recorded back in the early seventies and I think that is what I enjoy most about this album. Now onto the music.

Despite the obvious Sabbath comparisons, the songs that makeup "Capricorn" are very well crafted. The  album starts off with the magnificant groove doom of "Eyes Behind the Wall" amidst running bass lines courtesy of bassist Keith Nickel, a mid -song tempo change and vocal layering which is what gives the album that incredible retro sound. The song eventually ends with some awesome soloing by guitarist Mark Thomas Baker, crunchy power chords and bombastic drum blasts. And yes, that is just track one. Next track, "Capricorn" starts off with a nice little bass solo, tears into a Hole in the Sky-like riff and then slows things down. I really like the vocals on this album, a very full sound ,a tad bit gritty and not too nasally. Next up is the uber-gloomy "Black Funeral" a slow dirge with a fast climactic ending.

 "Down Into the Earth" is by far my favorite track on the album. The song starts off with a very womp womp sounding bass riff then punches you in face with some serious guitar chords, I love the faint cowbell in this song too. At approximately the 3:30 mark the track takes a seriously trippy excursion to the depths of hell as drummer Carter Kennedy marches you into darkness with his high hat.

I love the way vocalist Theo Mindell sings along to the riff on "He Who Walks Alone" and around the 4:00 mark the song conjures up an almost Santana-like tribal rhythym. The album concludes in dramatic fashion with the beautifully spirited heavy-synthesized "Albatross". I can not say enough about this album other than the fact that it will ultimately end up on my best of 2011 list. Highly recommended!

Track Listing:

1. Eyes Behind the Wall

2. Capricorn
3. Black Funeral
4. Masters of it All
5. Down Into the Earth
6. He Who Walks Alone
7. Cosmonaut of Three
8. Electric Father
9. Albatross

The album is available now through The Church Within Records and has some pretty awesome packaging. Check out the details below:

The package is a high quality 8 pages CD-Wallet + 24 pages booklet

Beside this package there will be a lim. Edition Hardcoverbook of the album:
- luxurious (fake) leather hardcoverbook 21,5 cm x 15,5 cm
- alternative Coverartwork
- 24 pages booklet
- embroidered patch

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  1. I was just checking these guys out last night on iTunes, I can see why this beaut is on H.R. Album artwork freaked me out a little though, haha!


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