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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shellfin Offer New Album For Free

I'm just going to cut and paste from the band's Myspace blog:

Download the entire debut album Secondhand Family from SHELLFIN at http://www.shellfin.bandcamp.com FREE OF CHARGE! (but you can donate a little bit if you think its worth it, donate $12+ph and we'll send you a hardcopy of the album!)
http://www.shellfin.bandcamp.com <---go here, tell your friends!
http://www.shellfin.bandcamp.com <---go here, tell your friends!
http://www.shellfin.bandcamp.com <---go here, tell your friends!
SECONDHAND FAMILY is the debut album from Brisbane’s  premier stoner rock band SHELLFIN, “Channelling the ghosts of genre-establishing legends Kyuss”, Shellfin have laid down 8 tracks which not only pay Homme-age but have intwined enough of their own personality to provide a fresh sound for stoner rock enthusiasts.
The album is distributed nationwide through Aztec and can be purchased from any good JB Hifi. It is available in the digital realm through industry revolutionary “Pay what you want” methods courtesy of Bandcamp. As an extra incentive for the fan, Shellfin have offered to post out the physical album for every and any donation equalling or greater than $12 + p&h.
The album features the singles Cruzzin, In The Head and a stoner jammed version of The Extent Of It which debuted on the band's first EP 'Stay For Tea'. The band have also created their first video, for the song Cruzzin which is viewable at this address:
Secondhand Family launch show information to follow very soon.
Once again for persistences' sake, to obtain FREE* download of SHELLFIN's debut album, follow these steps:
1.  Go to http://www.shellfin.bandcamp.com
2.  Click on Secondhand Family album cover
3.  Click "Buy Now"
4.  Enter the amount you wish to pay for the album, be it $0 or $15 or $100.
5.  Follow the instructions
6.  Hail the almighty riff!

Click on any of the links above to get the album in your choice of format for FREE!!

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  1. Secondhand Family was recently reviewed by Bill Goodman of The Soda Shop. Here's what he had to say:

    Shellfin - Secondhand Family
    Reviewed by Bill Goodman - The Soda Shop
    Release date: 2010


    "When you think of music and Australia you usually think of AC/DC right? Most people do, I know I do. Well from here on out I’m declaring that when you think of music and Australia you think of not only AC/DC but also Shellfin. In fact, forget AC/DC all together. As their careers start to wind down, Shellfin is poised to takeover.

    Shellfin released their first full length album, Secondhand Family, on September 1st. It’s a followup to a very good EP called Stay for Tea. Their sound can be described as a mix between Dozer, and Kyuss. Their music is not only stoner rock but also has hints of doom giving it a nice down tempo sound.

    Right out of the gate the album comes hitting you like a shit ton of bricks with the song “The Extent of It.” It’s a very Kyuss sounding song. “Cruzzin” mixes the Dozer and Kyuss elements. “Short Spew” is a short and fast tune. “Hedgehog” has some pretty damn cool instrumentals in the middle and leads right into the next track “Fleischgeist.” The whole album comes to a close with the track “The Interveining Time” which is a bit slower paced than the rest of the album. It does have some faster moments. If you’re patient enough to sit through some silence, there is a hidden song at the end of. I’ll leave it up to you to search through the band’s Youtube videos for the name. Your homework perhaps.

    Secondhand Family is a great sounding album. It has riffs-O-plenty, lots of Kyuss inspired sound and harmonic vocals. The doominess that creeps in every now and then keeps the album fresh and from becoming a bit boring. It has that appealing quality to it that has you listening to the album a lot more than once. You can download Secondhand Family for free on their Bandcamp site as well as their EP Stay for Tea. You can of course donate some of your local currency to the band and dish out for your own physical copy."

    The review is also viewable from the home page of http://www.stonerrock.com, under "The Latest Reviews".

    If you haven't already secured a download/physical copy of the album for yourself, head on over to http://shellfin.bandcamp.com/ and sort yourself out! Both the album and Stay For Tea EP are available for FREE download or at a price that you nominate.

    Be sure to catch Shellfin at their launch show too! Click/copy paste link to view show poster:




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