Monday, September 1, 2008

Dali`s Llama News

Dali`s Llama just released their new CD, Full On Dunes, produced by Scott Reeder. Heavier, thicker and faster songs than on their last CD, Sweet Sludge, Full On Dunes provides nine new energetic songs that blend their desert punk and heavy rock roots. Zach Huskey (guitar, vocals) and Erica Huskey (bass) are joined by new drummer Jeff Howe, who provides a solid driving rhythm.

The CD features special guest appearances by some old friends. Mario Lalli (from Fatso Jetson, Desert Sessions, Yawning Man) laid down some amazing guitar on "Can`t Catch Me,""Cheap and Portable," and "Smoke Tree," and he did a cool spoken word piece on "Desert Dogs." Capt. Sean Wheeler (from Throw Rag, Charley Horse, Sun Trash) belted out some incredible backing vocals on "King Platypus," "Cheap and Portable," and "Aqua-Fuzz." Joe Dillon (from Hot Beat Pussy Fiend) did a little bit of everything - from Stooges style guitar, outstanding backing vocals and some very cool lap steel on six different songs. Last, but not least, Scott Reeder (producer and the bass master for Kyuss, The Obsessed, Goatsnake) laid down some blazingly awesome bass solos on two songs - "Can`t Catch Me" and "Floating."

"Can`t Catch Me" is featured on the new StonerRock.comp Volume 8 and is available as a free download.
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