Sunday, August 3, 2008

El Festival de los Viajes Releases Material

El Andante, the new ep from the Argentinian underground supergroup El Festival de los Viajes, is now available.
Three heretofore unreleased songs are already available for free download, simply by clicking this link.

El Festival de los Viajes explores the psychedelic unknown, filling your brain with their patented brand of sonorous experimentation.

These three unpublished songs will serve as a musical appetizer while the group prepares its new album. Recorded in several sessions, it shows new facets of the band, with three tunes composed within a framework of experimentation and collage techniques.

Available in the internet in July 2008 through Mamushka Dogs Records, El Andante is the first of a series of EPs that El Festival de los Viajes is putting together in between longer releases, as a way to rescue songs that have been lost and found along the way, and to share the group`s seemingly never-ending vital activity.
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