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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crucial Blast Updates

From Crucial Blast:


Here's what's new this week from Crucial Blast HQ:


Much to report this week, folks.
We have a bunch of bands playing out this summer, with several tours being lined up in the Fall (including the first ever U.S. appearance of French doomsters Monarch!), several new releases from Crucial Blast on the horizon (Noism, Black Elk, Monarch, Geisha, Genghis Tron and more), and the grand opening of our BRAND NEW Crucial Blast webstore, now up and running at www.crucialblastshop.net ! This new webstore has literally
been two years in the making, and it's now live and ready for you to flip through all of our available titles, check out actual photos of the stuff we carry, and read all of the reviews that are now organized on the site! We also have over 300 older titles that have been added to the store, not including the latest New Additions list! Holy crap.

***THIS JUST IN: Wildildlife has just been confirmed as the opener for the mighty HARVEY MILK for this Sundays show at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco! That's THIS SUNDAY - if yer in the Bay Area, there's no excuse to miss what promises to be one hell of an amazing show. Cruise over here for more info: http://www.gamh.com/artist_pages/harvey_milk_072708.htm

Just got word that Skullflower has been confirmed for the upcoming Colour Out Of Space festival in Brighton, UK. Sponsored in part by Rock A Rolla Magazine, this festival is taking place from September 5th through the 7th, and is being curated by Dylan Nyoukis. The event will feature over thirty acts, films and more incuding: Thurston Moore & Chris Corsano, Limpe Fuchs, Aaron Dilloway & Joseph Hammer, Leslie Keffer, Adam Bohman, Ghedalia Tazartes, Skaters, Lionel Marchetti & Yoko Gami, Astral Social Club & Axolotl, Charlie Drahiem, and many more.
For more info and updates see www.colouroutofspace.org


new Wildildlife Live At WFMU CDR out now + Pease Feast 12" coming this fall.
We have a new Wildildlife CDR available this week from the Crucial Bliss series. Live At WFMU, as you may have guessed, features a complete live set of Wildildlife performing live in the studio at the venerable New Jersey freeform radio station WFMU, on The Brian Turner Show. The six songs that Wildildlife played ranged from tracks off of their debut album on Crucial Blast Six to songs from the band's self-released Peas Feast CDR, with all of the galactically stoned and trippy improvisation/effects f**kery/longform jamming/extreme weirdness that makes Wildildlife one of the best goddamn live bands I have ever had the pleasure of getting stomped by. As much as I love Six, when these cats perform live, the air turns into a particularly neon-blue-hued strain of cottage cheese, and if you weren't lucky enough to catch them on their U.S. tour back in the spring, this is the next best method
for experiencing Wildildlife's mutant psychedelic sludge. The disc comes in a full color sleeve with photos and artwork from the band, features a goofy/funny interview with the band at the end, and is limited to 300 copies.

Track 1: "Metal" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/wildildlife_metallive.mp3
Track 2: "Grinder" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/wildildlife_grinderlive.mp3

We also have a vinyl edition of Wildildlife's Peas Feast coming out this Fall through Crucial Blast. The band released this EP as a handmade CD-R that has been sold at shows over the past year, but the songs on Peas Feast are so cool that we wanted to give this a proper vinyl documentation. We are also planning to include a digital dropcard in the vinyl package that will allow you to download the tracks from the Peas Feast EP as well as access some additional bonus music that will be exclusive to this digital download. The Peas Feast 12" will be coming out
around late October. Stay tuned for more info!

new AUN Multigone CDR out now from Crucial Bliss.

Another new Bliss disc that is surfacing this week is the new full length Multigone from AUN. Montreal native Martin Dumais has been an active participant in the Quebecois underground electronic music scene since the early 1990's, beginning with the Industrial project Odds and continuing through to the French house/electro/disco hybrid Les Jardiniers and the techno project Juicebox. Over the past few years, Dumais has been engaged in a very different sort of project, the largely solo endeavor AUN. Using heavily processed guitar and electronics as his primary intrumentation, AUN generates massive post-industrial dronescapes and grinding machine-doom that is reminiscent of the white-light supernovas of Skullflower's most explosive recordings, the classic dark industrial ambient of Lull and Cranioclast, Troum's blissed out dream drones, and

the blackened, formless amplifier sludge of Black Boned Angel and Sunn O)))'s 00 Void. I was introduced to AUN's music after Martin, a longtime customer at Crucial Blast, sent me copies of his excellent AUN CDs that were released on the ORAL label out of Montreal. As heavy and distortion/feedback-damaged as any of the more abstracted noise/metal magma that has been oozing out of Battlecruiser, Southern Lord and 20 Buck Spin, but coming from what is clearly a background rooted in Industrial and electronic music, AUN's mesmerizing, crushing and often quite
beautiful music became an immediate new favorite.
After picking up AUN's Blackhorse CD on Oral to carry at Crucial Blast, we started working on releasing a full length that Martin had recorded called Multigone, which he thought would fit well with the Crucial Bliss aesthetic. This seven track disc is undeniably the heaviest music that AUN has created so far, a grinding, distorted soundscape that begins with the keening electronic drones and muffled, disembodied metallic riffing that becomes endlessly tanged in a nest of squirming low-end noise in the opening title track, and steadily ratchets up the heaviness with each track, until we come to the punishing "Palejoy", a bludgeoning Industrial metal dirge that has massive, Godflesh-like percussion fused to processed, almost synthetic sounding doom riffage, a black cloud of buzzing, ultra downtuned black dirge drifting over a muffled, slow motion breakbeat. In between, AUN erects vast
walls of crumbling distortion and rhythmic guitar loops forged into apocalyptic ambient drift streaked with heavenly synth choirs and sweeping cosmic fx, crushing fifteen-minute blasts of immolating amplifier ragas formed from a nebula of melting woodwind sounds, distant elephantine tympani drums, hellish symphonies of rusted, scraping strings and celestial electronic whiteout that ends up sounding like something from Skullflower's Orange Canyon Mind but one hundred times heavier, and strange deep-space blues jam instrumentals with impossibly detuned guitar soaring through black holes of reverb and tape fluctuation.
This is seriously crushing stuff that stands out in sharp contrast to the hordes of amp-leaning feedback riders, and is highly recommended to anyone into KTL, Final, Black Boned Angel, To Blacken The Pages, K.K. Null, Aethnor, Fall Of The Grey Winged One, Fear Falls Burning, Hlidolf, Messiah Complex, and other heavy, textural industrial/ambient/sludge groups.
Multigone is packaged in the signature Bliss sleeve with full color artwork, and the disc is attached to the interior of the sleeve on a plastic hub. Issued in a limited edition of 300 copies.

::Click here for more information and online ordering::. http://www.crucialblast.net/aun_multigone.html
Track 1: "Multigone" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/aun_multigone_multigone.mp3
Track 2: "Consumed By Flies" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/aun_multigone_consumedbyflies.mp3
Track 3: "Kwelbo Krong" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/aun_multigone_kwelbokrong.mp3

new Black Elk shirt design available. New album Always A Six, Never A Nine coming October 2008.

We have a new Black Elk shirt design that is now available. This new shirt features a high-quality two-color print of original artwork from Mark McCormick at Mad Pakyderms in Portland, Oregon. The artwork first appeared on a silkscreened show poster that Mark created for the Spring 2007 tour with Black Elk, Ludicra and Giant Squid, and when I saw the poster design, I decided immediately that we had to print up a shirt
using this artwork. The Black Elk shirt is ready to ship now, head over to the Shirts & Apparel page to order.


In other Black Elk news, the band has just wrapped up their new album Always A Six, Never A Nine, and we have this scheduled to come out on October 21st.
"Always A Six, Never A Nine" is the second album and the follow up to the 2006 self-titled debut from Portland, OR aggro wreckers Black Elk, whose psychotic brand of crushing, noise-rock influenced heaviosity is a return to the unhinged underground rock force of bands like Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Black Flag and Hammerhead. This new album features ten songs of seething weirdness, with the dissonant, crushing riffage, lunging rhythmic push and awesome freaked out, Yow-esque vocals of singer Tom Glose that made their debut a fave among anyone who remembered the days when Amphetamine Reptile ruled the underground rock scene, but with some interesting new elements (bleak guitar ambience, piano, etc.) that add new shadows to Black Elk's ferocious sound. "ALways A Six, Never A Nine" will be coming out through Crucial Blast on October 21st and will be available as both a CD in deluxe gatefold
packaging and digital download, with touring to coincide with the release.

new limited-edition CD from UK whitenoise rockers Geisha coming soon.

It's been in the works for awhile, but we're finally announcing the release of the new CD from Bristol's Geisha, which follows their awesome Mondo Dell'Orrore CD that we released in 2006. Titled Die Verbrechen Der Liebe (taken from de Sade, I presume), this hour-long, six track monolith follows Geisha into a psychedelic black storm, their blown-out and raw rock infused with a bone-rattling recording and covered in a thick sheen of white noise and gritty distortion. As with their previous album, the spirit of seminal noise rock / sludge rock (think Cherubs, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything for coordinates) is combined with violent, chaotic NOISE and tainted with blurred VHS cassette visions and vague allusions to BDSM, and then jammed through an orgone accumulator, forming a ferocious, crushing rock beast that reveals it's powerful hooks and melodies underneath the churning
distorted bass rumble and sludgemetal riffage , blasts of psychedelic drone-noise and corrosive skree, percussive pummel, and deranged singing. The sound is immense, and the first five tracks on Die Verbrechen Der Liebe deliver Geisha's in-the-red heaviness and hooks in surplus. "Prelude To Amber Pays The Rent", "A Wilderness, Except By Sight", "Sportsfister" - every one is a crusher.
But then Geisha pull out the monstrous thirty-minute, thirty-five second closer "Theme From Diana", and the tone changes completely. This track is a re-working of a "metal percussion" set that Geisha originally performed live several years ago, and it begins as a slowly building fog of voices and effects and shimmering metal that blooms into an expanse of droning, fx-heavy guitar, looping samples, cosmic effects, and improvised percussion. It's a kind of rumbling industrial dronescape that stretches out forever, until suddenly in the last few minutes the drifting drones and psychedelic guitars and sampled voices suddenly explode in an immolating nuclear blast of overdriven, speaker-annhilating noise and the track immediately, terrifyingly changes shape into a monstrous lumbering noise-metal dirge that bulldozes out of your speakers, whooshing Hawkwind effects swooping overhead, the band
knotted together into a white-hot blast of ultra heavy riffage, distortion, and a wall of percussive force. "Diana" is one of the most crushing pieces of music that I have ever heard from Geisha, like some majestic and brutal conglom of Swans, Skullflower, Merzbow, and Burmese forged into a destructive space-metal supernova.
Crucial Blast is releasing the CD version of Die Verbrechen Der Liebe in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, packaged in a full-color gatefold jacket. The CD will be available in stores on October 21st, but will be available to order directly from Crucial Blast earlier in the month.

"A Wilderness, Except By Sight" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/geisha_verbrechen_AWildernessExceptBySight.mp3
"Prelude To Amber Pays The Rent" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/geisha_verbrechen_PreludeToAmberPaysTheRent.mp3
"Theme From Diana" ::MP3 EXCERPT:: http://www.crucialblastshop.net/audio/geisha_verbrechen_ThemeFromDiana.mp3

Genghis Tron remix 12" coming December 2008 from Crucial Blast.

The word has been out for a couple weeks on this already, but if you haven't heard yet, we are taking part of a massive five-volume series of remix 12"s for Genghis Tron's Board Up The House album on Relapse. Beginning in August and continuing through the rest of 2008, Genghis Tron will be releasing five 12" remix records on five different record labels (Temporary Residence Ltd., Lovepump United, Relapse Records, Anticon Records, and Crucial Blast respectively). Each individual volume will be limited to 1,000 copies, pressed on colored vinyl. Board Up The House cover artist, Jon Beasley, will also be providing each remix album with alternative artwork.
Each record will feature a select number of Genghis Tron songs taken from Board Up The House, remixed by a variety of artists. Some of the participating artists include Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ulver, DNTEL, Telefon Aviv, Steve Moore, Justin Broadrick/Jesu, Danny Lohner, Rob Crow, Subtle, Odd Nosdam, Circle, Tim Hecker, and many more to be announced soon.

The 12" that will be coming out on Crucial Blast will feature Tim Hecker and Aidan Baker/Nadja, and even though I haven't heard either of the remixes yet, we are expecting nothing less than epic, blissed-out fuzzfests that are going to sound amazing.The guys in Genghis Tron commented on the series: "We are very excited to announce a series of special Genghis Tron releases which we've been scheming for quite some time now. Those who have been following us for a while know that we've always been interested in remixes, but to date we've only released a few GT remixes on a few tour-only CDs. We've wanted to do something grander and more "official" for a long time, so we're proud to say that we've finally assembled a very massive, very official remix project. We reached out to lots of musicians who we admire and overall we've been completely overwhelmed at their willingness to participate in
this massive, awesome project. More importantly, the remixes are sounding pretty mind-blowing so far...we're excited to share them with you."

Each release will be available for pre-order for roughly a month prior to its release. Temporary Residence Limited is slated to release volume one of the series in September, with pre-order beginning in July. Further information, including preview tracks, artwork, pre-order options, and more will be announced over the coming months.



Here it is. Yer lookin' at it. The all-new Crucial Blast online store. I could go on a serious ramble about how much time and effort and hair-pulling has gone into this project, but I won't bore you with all of that s**t. I'm just breathing in a huge sigh of relief at this very moment that this thing is finally here.
Those faithful Crucial Blast customers and friends that have been ordering from us since 2004 will notice right off the bat that this new store is on a whole new level of navigability, compared to the ridiculously clunky site of old. We now have a fully functional keyword search that will allow you to dig deep into our virtual crates, and we also now have the menu on the left of the screen that will allow you to sort record listings/reviews by artist name, format, label, and even genre.
In addition, we also have the links on the side that are labeled "Specialties". These are some of the things that I try to give some extra attention to, stuff that I personally really dig. Like black metal from France. British Industrial and Power Electronics. Japanese noise. Music from right here in the Maryland/DC region. And yes, compilation albums, a dying art form that I am still a really big fan of.

PLEASE READ: One of the changes that we have just implemented with the new Crucial Blast webstore is that we are no longer including shipping in the prices that are listed for our CD and 7" items. CDs and 7"s have been listed as postage-paid in the U.S. ever since we went online with the current store in 2004, but with the growth and increased mailorder business we are now handling, and with the recent postage hike in May, we are no longer able to essentially ship stuff for free as we have been. For all of our longtime customers that typically order two or more items from us, you will actually be seeing cheaper prices for the stuff that we carry, as we will be marking many releases down slightly. The new shipping charge is cheap and simple, and will be based on weight: for orders of 1-2 CDs or 7"s in the U.S., 1st class shipping will be generally be around $2.50. You'll be able to see
the shipping charge stated in the shopping cart when you click on "CHECKOUT". And shipping for
orders over $100 is FREE. This change will allow us to further streamline our operation and actually lower prices on the CDs and 7"s that we carry.

We will also be featuring a different label every two weeks with every New Additions update. This will spotlight different labels that I am personally a big fan of, and many of the featured labels that you will see might be labels that aren't active anymore but whose catalogs we still stock here at Crucial Blast, or tiny, obscure labels that you've never heard of that I think are cool. The inaugural Featured Label is
Charnel Music, which isn't around anymore, but this label (run by Mason Jones, psych-guitar master and founding member of San Fran space rockers Subarachnoid Space) is still awesome, and we have a bunch of their releases in stock, which are all pretty hard to find.

And lastly, we are getting ready to launch a bi-weekly podcast called Blastwave. Yep, a podcast, one that will probably be available for download every other Sunday evening and which will feature new jams from the amazing artists that we carry here at Crucial Blast, old classics and long-lost obscurities of strange, adventurous, experimental heaviness exhumed from the dusty corners of our warehouse, the latest from bands on the Crucial Blast label, artist news, live sets, interviews, and more, all hosted by yours truly. Hopefully this particular new feature of the site won't devolve over time into drunken ranting and two-hour blocks of nothing but total wall-of-noise electronics, but we'll have to wait and see.

A big thanks to Jake at Web-Synthesis.com for helping us design and execute the new Crucial Blast webstore. After several years of trying other avenues to get this moving forward, we finally stumbled across Web-Synthesis right here in Hagerstown at the beginning of the year. Definitely recommended for anyone that is looking to launch a php/mySQL driven online store.

There are a few buggy items that we are still tweaking that you might notice as you go through the site, mainly grammatical stuff, image formatting weirdness, etc, but we'll be fine-tuning all of that over the next week. If you do happen to run into any weirdness that you want to let us know about, please hit us up at info@crucialblast.net and let us know what you are experiencing so we can resolve it.

OK, so after all of that, here we go with the first New Additions list and featured album of the week for the new and improved Crucial Blast shop!

There have been so many killer albums that came out over the past two weeks that I had to chew on it for awhile before I could decide which one has been commanding the most amount of time in my stereo. Fact is, it's the new album from Made Out Of Babies, the New York aggro squad featuring singer Julie Christmas, who may just be the most intoxicating female vocalist in underground heavy music right now. I had already
been captivated by her voice in Battle Of Mice, the band that she also plays in with members of Neurosis/Red Sparowes, and here, Julie and MOOB follow up their two albums on Neurot with The Ruiner, their first for new label The End. And it's a surprisingly mature and focused album from a band that really hasn't been kickin' it for all that long. The Jesus Lizard-esque angularity and slithering menace is still a part of their
sound, as is the dark, apocalyptic heaviness that is reminiscent of their former label bosses Neurosis, but the songs are more powerful, more focused and crushing and surprisingly catchy than MOOB's first two records. Definitely recommended.

Some of the other new and new-ish titles that are on this weeks list:

The new album from powerviolence/noise/hardcore destroyers The Endless Blockade, total brutality.
A lung-collapsing debut disc from Japanese doom-ghouls Funeral Moth, featuring ex-members of Coffins.
A couple of killer albums from the more psychedelic/doomed corners of the MeteorCity vaults, like the heavy metal doom rock of Abdullah's Graveyard Poetry, and a couple of crucial discs from Jersey doomlords Solace!
A super-limited vinyl only release of Paso Inferior from Japan's Corrupted, imported from Germany.
A ton of Weasel Walter-related chaos, including a bunch of older Flying Luttenbachers CDs that we are stocking for the first time, a CD re-issue of the Luttenbachers extreme death/jazz assault Trauma that will kill all posers, and a new disc of hyper-complex, hyper-hyper guitar/drums duets between Weasel and Mary Halvorsen which blasts off into some truly geeked realms of extreme math-blast.
FOUR DIFFERENT ABRUPTUM TITLES! Hell yes. The ultimate in fucked-up damaged outsider-improv "Black Metal".
Ascend's Ample Fire Within: the crushing debut from this new duo of Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))/Engine Kid) and Gentry Densely (Iceburn).

Of course, there's much more mutant heavy music to be had, folks...so keep reading below to check out all of the amazing new music that we have in this week's New Additions list!

Head over to the Crucial Blast Webstore to check out all of the new stuff.



8/2/2008 Dyersburg TN @ No Hope w/ Buzzardstein, SeaWitch, Gosh, Hellen Keller
8/10/2008 Nashville TN @ Springwater w/ Sourvein, Cough, SeaWitch
8/11/2008 Charlotte NC @ Lunchbox Records w/ Cargo Cult Revival, Burbis

9/19/08 New York NY @ Fontanas w/ Subarachnoid Space

8/1 Columbus OH @ Ravari Room w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/2 Indianapolis IN @ Melody Inn w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/3 Pittsburgh PA @ Howler's Coyote Cafe w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/4 Buffalo NY @ Xtreme Wheels w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/5 Endicott NY @ Downtown Quarterback w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/6 Cambridge MA @ Middle East w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/7 Providence RI @ Living Room w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/8 New York NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/9 Doylestown PA @ Siren Records w/ Fight Amp Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/10 Washington DC @ DC-9 w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/11 Richmond VA @ Nara Sushi w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/12 Charlotte NC @ The Milestone w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/13 Atlanta GA @ Drunken Unicorn w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/14 Orlando FL @ The Haven w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/15 Tampa FL @ Brass Mug w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/16 Gainesville FL @ The Atlantic w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/17 Metarie LA @ High Ground w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/18 Memphis TN @ Hi Tone Cafe w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/19 Fayetteville AR @ OPO Downstairs w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/20 Little Rock AR @ Downtown Music w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/21 Dallas TX @ Red Blood Club w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/22 Austin TX @ Red 7 w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/23 Oklahoma City OK @ The Conservatory w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/25 Farmington NM @ Gator's w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/26 Tempe AZ @ The Clubhouse w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/27 Hollywood CA @ Knitting Factory w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/28 San Diego CA @ Chaser's w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/29 San Francisco CA @ Annie's Social Club w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/30 Portland OR @ Rotture w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
8/31 Roseburg OR @ Riversdale Grange w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/1 Seattle WA @ Studio Seven w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/3 Denver CO @ Marquis Theater w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/4 Lawrence KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/5 St Louis MO @ 2 Cents Plain w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/6 Des Moines IA @ Vaudeville Mews w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect
9/7 Chicago IL @ Reggie's Rock Club w/ Intronaut, Mouth Of The Architect

7/26/2008 Seattle WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party w/Akimbo
8/16/2008 Missoula MT @ Totalfest
8/30/2008 Portland OR @ Rotture w/Intronaut, Mouth of the Architect, Behold... The Arctopus
9/4/2008 Portland OR @ Doug Fir

8/1/2008 NYC NY @ The Stone
8/2/2008 Philadelphia PA @ Above Circle Thrift

8/1/2008 Meaford ON @ Electric Eclectics w/ Tony Conrad, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Alexander Hacke
8/5/2008 Toronto ON @ The Boat w/ Nice Cat, Orn

8/5/2008 Tempe AZ @ The Sets w/ Nebula
8/6/2008 Albuquerque NM @ Ralli's 4th St. Pub w/ Nebula
8/8/2008 Austin TX @ Red 7 w/ Nebula
8/9/2008 Dallas TX @ Granada Theatre w/ Nebula
8/10/2008 Houston TX @ Rudyards Beer Bar w/ Nebula
8/12/2008 New Orleans LA @ One Eyed Jacks w/ Nebula
8/13/2008 Birmingham AL @ The Nick w/ Nebula
8/14/2008 Jacksonville FL @ Landshark Cafe w/ Nebula
8/15/2008 Orlando FL @ The Backbooth w/ Nebula
8/18/2008 Atlanta GA @ Smith Ts Old Bar w/ Nebula
8/19/2008 Wilmington NC @ Soapbox w/ Nebula
8/20/2008 Virginia Beach VA @ The Jewish Mother w/ Nebula
8/21/2008 Washington DC @ Black Cat w/ Nebula
8/22/2008 Philadelphia PA @ The Khyber w/ Nebula
8/23/2008 Baltimore MD @ The Ottobar w/ Nebula
8/24/2008 Boston MA @ Church of Boston w/ Nebula
8/25/2008 New York City NY @ Knitting Factory w/ Nebula
8/27/2008 Cleveland Heights OH @ Grog Shop w/ Nebula
8/28/2008 Lansing MI @ Mac Ts Bar w/ Nebula
8/29/2008 Columbus OH @ Ravari Room w/ Nebula
8/30/2008 Chicago IL @ Reggie's w/ Nebula
9/1/2008 Madison WI @ High Noon Saloon w/ Nebula
9/6/2008 Portland OR @ Ash Street Saloon w/ Nebula
9/10/2008 Los Angeles CA @ Viper Room w/ Nebula
9/11/2008 Long Beach CA @ Alex Ts Bar w/ Nebula

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