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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grand Magus Completes Work on New Album

Stockholm, Sweden-based heavy metal powerhouse Grand Magus has completed work on its long awaited new album, Iron Will. The record will see a July 8, 2008 North American release date via London, England based label Rise Above Records.
Boasting an epic sound that melds sledgehammer metal with triumphant, soaring melodies, a fist-pumping gallop and the forceful, convincing vocals of front man and guitarist JB (recently listed as the eighth best Metal vocalist in the world, according to the readers of Japan’s respected BURRN! Magazine), Grand Magus delivers a vigorous strain of metal that values musicality, craftsmanship, and nuance as well as forcefulness.

Recorded at Sweden’s Resync Studios with producer Oneman, Iron Will is the sound of a band on top of its game, delivering true heavy metal with absolute conviction. From the ominous bell tower toll leading the opening salvo “Like the Oar Strikes the Water” to the NWOBHM thunder of “Iron Will” and “Silver Into Steel” through the monolithic, nine-minute closing colossus “I Am The North,” one thing is most abundantly clear; the way Grand Magus combines their melodic/harmonic sense with powerfully loud, balls-to-the-wall aggression shows them as both headbangers and craftsmen.

The final track listing for Iron Will is as follows:

1.) Like the Oar Strikes the Water
2.) Fear Is the Key
3.) Höuding
4.) Iron Will
5.) Silver Into Steel
6.) The Shadow Knows
7.) Self Deceiver
8.) Beyond Good and Evil
9.) I Am The North

The brand new Grand Magus track “Like the Oar Strikes the Water,” described by JB as “a resounding blow against false prophets and all denial of the power of the mind,” has been posted online in advance of Iron Will’s release. Check it out now at this location.

North American and European live dates in support of Iron Will are in the works and expected to be announced soon.

In addition to JB, Grand Magus features bassist Fox and drummer Sebastian.

“Grand Magus (is), a trio of bearded, burly doom metalers, who actually give a damn about the importance of melody. As Grand Magus dare to buck the trend of tuneless lead vocals, they prove that having a good lead singer in a metal band can still go a long, long way.”
– Popmatters

“...a veritable maelstrom of heads-down riffing and thundering drums…what’s most striking about “Iron Will” is how powerful frontman JB’s vocals have become, giving rise to a layered, harmony effect serving to strengthen his odes to all things fire and brimstone. All in all, Grand Magus have delivered their definitive album, the best of their career so far.”
– Metal Hammer

“...epic Viking battle metal…savage crusades and violent clashes. But after the dust settles, and the blood soaks into the earth, Grand Magus will still be standing. The wolf has returned.”
– StonerRock.com

“Should you worship at the altar of pyrotechnic metal, then quaff deep of this riff bejeweled, heavy metal chalice, as the heady ingredients within are guaranteed to raise the weary soul to vertiginous heights…Grand Magus already have an enviable and unassailable musical legacy, these proto-doom overseers have blossomed into true heavy metal icons”
– Roadburn

“...bottom-heavy thunder-blues…like a doomy, half-speed Scandinavian version of Iron Maiden, minus all the extraneous dueling guitar-solo bullshit and tight pants. Plus, they have long hair and beards and sing about wolves…a modern-day Mountain of Judgment”
– Decibel

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