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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Album Of The Day-Fireball Ministry-"The Second Great Awakening" (2003)

Love it or hate it, I have decided to make "The Second Great Awakening" by Fireball Ministry the Album Of The Day. Why, because I happen to love it.


It’s been far too long since the last time I heard an album that had no other reason to exist other than to rock. However, New York foursome Fireball Ministry (Who are collectively guitarist/vocalist Rev. James A. Rota II, bassist Janis Tanaka, guitarist Emily J. Burton and drummer John Oreshnick) are ready to turn up the volume and bring back what has been missing from our lives for a long time - a rockin’ good time!

Although Fireball Ministry are still considered something of a new act, as the title suggests The Second Great Awakening is their second full-length release after Ou Est La Rock? was released in 1999 (With their EP FMEP released in 2001 to bridge the gap).Fireball Ministry’s sound will most likely be passed off as a generalised stoner sound to most, but that’s not to say they sound generic or familiar in any way. To be more accurate in description, you should take some Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu and Black Label Society musically, and then throw in some vocals that recall Ozzy Osbourne’s days back in the German club touring days (‘Blue Suede Shoes’).

After the instrumental opening of the title track, the band hit gold with the lazy yet equally powerful riff-fest of ‘King’. The guitar structure is obviously kept uncomplicated, but there’s something about the simplicity that suits the band so well and makes them all the more intriguing. ‘The Sinner’ shows a great use of vocal forethought with Rev. James A. Rota II using everything he has to offer with plenty of variety, while ‘Master Of None’ and ‘Rollin’ On’ bring to mind Ted Nugent in his prime without actually sounding anything like him. The riffs just keep coming on in other highlights such as ‘Flatline’ (The first promotional video clip), ‘In The Mourning’, the stomping ‘He Who Kills’ and the Black Sabbath sounding pair ‘Choker’ and ‘Maidens Of Venus’ (Which originally appeared on their ‘FMEP’).

The Second Great Awakening is rocking, familiar sounding, melodic and original, which makes Fireball Ministry one of the greatest rock bands you’ve probably never heard of before (But should). (Justin Donnelly, Blistering.com)

Track Listing:

01. "The Second Great Awakening" – 1:18
02. "King" – 4:32
03. "The Sinner" – 3:27
04. "Master Of None" – 3:47
05. "Daughter Of The Damned" – 4:19
06. "Flatline" – 3:31
07. "In The Mourning" – 4:00
08. "He Who Kills" – 3:53
09. "Rollin' On" – 3:51
10. "Choker" – 5:06
11. "Maidens Of Venus" – 5:14


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