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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Band To Burn One To: Magpie Toes - "Magpie Toes"

Retro Kick-Ass is the theme today with Hyvink√§√§, Finland's Magpie Toes who have released their initial foray into blues-rock fuzzery with their eponymous EP of  4 Hi-Fi tracks that beg to be played at ear-shattering decibels and enjoyed in joyous celebration. Their music evokes a time of bell bottom jeans and big hair, of tripping strangely and dancing freely, of love, laughter, and good times. The blues-rock influence of a bygone era of Rock N' Roll, and the bands that forged it, is obvious and heavy, expressed through massive guitar riffs, cool drum solos, and vocals of power and clarity, driven by clever melody and soul-stirring hooks. Emerging out from under all that homage, though, is a freshness, a newness, that can only come from keen imagination, musical dexterity, and a love for what remains possible and potent from the influences of past giants.

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