Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Band Submission: Crud-Sludge From Miami, Florida

Band Name: CRUD
Genre: Sludge
Location: Miami, FL
Brief Bio/Description: "Conceived in the eye of well whiskey, CRUD started down the bowels of South Florida in 2015. Built on drums and bass alone, Mariel and Julie sold their souls to Steve Buscemi-- possessed ever since. Aiming for taller rigs and menacing riffs, Kris joined the group. On the Black Alligator tour Carl slashed his pipes for doom, solidifying CRUD as a four-piece. Give 'em tequila and they sound like pythons choking on sawgrass"

RESIN will be available on Vinyl sometime this fall with French label-Totem Cat Records
Band Members:
Julie- Bass
Mariel- Drums
Links: Facebook | Bandcamp 

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