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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Band Submission: Mystical Communication Service-Psychedelic Rock From Germany

Artwork by Stefanie Barz

Band Name: Mystical Communication Service
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Location: Germany
Brief Bio/Description: Mystical Communication Service are a Berlin-based music project fronted by the fictional Yanez Di Mompracem, backed by a collection of eccentric and well-travelled band mates from all corners of the globe. The band is an amalgamation of wayward drifters and modern-day mystics, uniting to play their distinctive style of psychedelic and experimental rock.

Their sound oscillates between intricate blues-driven solos, creating a sense of ancient and emotive storytelling, and rhythmic explorations of unfamiliar yet alluring states of mind. Listening to Mystical Communication Service represents an enchanted excursion into a nomadic world, where the concepts of sanity and self-awareness fade away. The band creates an ethereal soundscape, leaving you adrift in a haze of desire and dream-like apparitions.

In late January 2014 the band released their first studio album entitled “Gypsy Spirit”, a mini album which has garnered a vast amount of praise and positive reviews from the online community and press beyond.

Band Members:
Yanez Pasqualin (Lead Vocals and Guitar)
Gerald Moises Pasqualin ( Drums & Percussion)
Diego Sposito Cozzi (Bass)
Yair Karelic (Lead guitar)
Kiyoshi Fujikawa (Djembe)
Links: Soundcloud | Facebook

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