Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Band Submission: La Chinga-Hard Rock Stoner Power Trio From Vancouver, Canada

Band Name: La Chinga
Genre: Hard Rock Stoner Power Trio
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Brief Bio/Description: La Chinga is a hard Rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the worlds edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from UFO, ZZ Top, Sabs, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established a fanbase in Europe and Canada from it's killer live shows! Detroit's Small Stone records just released their new lp 'Freewheelin' to rave reviews! Chock full o' stadium anthems and rad riffs! The bands sophomore album is prompting fans to wonder why they don't make em like this anymore!
Band Members:
Carl Spackler Bass/Vox
Jay Solyom Drums/ Production
Ben Yardley Guitars, Vox, Theremin
Links: YouTube | Facebook | Bandcamp

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