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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Band Submission: Hollow Leg-Sludge/Stoner From Jacksonville, Florida

Band Name: Hollow Leg
Genre: Sludge/Stoner
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Brief Bio/Description:The lyrical theme for CROWN focuses on snakes, the demon Set, and his subliminal domination over our world. Possession and slavery are the goals of Set and this happens right before our eyes. The formation of the Serpent Crown allows his will to assert itself over ours and only the God-Eater can destroy the crown. Unfortunately this process is doomed to repeat itself forever due to humanity’s ignorance and our blind acceptance of illusion as reality and false gods as masters.

CROWN was written & produced by Hollow Leg at High Five Audio in Deland, FL. Scott Angelacos for lead engineering and production. Additional engineering and editing from Jeff McAlear (also at High Five Audio) Mixed by Sanford Parker, Chicago, IL. Mastered by Collin Jordan at the boiler room in Chicago, IL. Artwork by Maz Armageddon.

Hollow Leg- CROWN is available on Argonauta Records 2016.

INSTINCT (LP)-originally self released in 2010, re released by Argonauta records in 2014.
ABYSMAL (LP)- released on Last Anthem records in 2013.
GOD-EATER (SINGLE)- released as digital single with Argonauta records in 2014.

Band Members: 
Scott Angelacos-Vocals
Tom Crowther- Bass
Tim Creter- Drums & Lyrics
Brent Lynch- Guitars & Backing Vocals
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Label

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