Friday, April 15, 2016

Band Submission: Crystal Balls-Blackened Doom / Stoner Metal From Gainesvills, FL

Band Name: Crystal Balls
Genre: Blackened Doom / Stoner Metal
Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Brief Bio/Description: Crystal Balls is a band of slow, meaty, headbangin' riffs, etherial clean passages, theatrical song structures, and powerful vocals that range from angry to evil. Live rituals feature loud amps and a thick layer of fog to enhance sensory deprivation. Crystal Balls' debut EP Roots will be available everywhere music is streamed on 4/20/16 and features chapters I and II of an interplanetary doom saga of betrayal, revenge, and agriculture.
Band Members:
Erick Ublies - bass, vocals
Kendrick Lemke - guitar
Nick Herrera - drums
Links: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram
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