Thursday, April 21, 2016

Band Submission: Cities of Mars-Doom/Fuzz/Heavy Psych From Gothenburg, Sweden

Band Name: Cities of Mars
Genre: Doom/Fuzz/Heavy Psych
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Brief Bio/Description: After a critically acclaimed debut two-track single in 2015, Gothenburg-based psychedelic doom metal trio CITIES OF MARS release the follow-up EP. These three tracks continue to delve into the dark saga of the Soviet cosmonaut/KGB agent Nadia that landed on Mars in a covert mission in 1971 and discovers a buried civilization dating back to the dawn of time.

For fans of Mastodon, Elder, The Obsessed, Sleep, Kylesa and others.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Esben Willems/Berserk Audio.

Cover art by Axel Widén,

All rights reserved.

Band Members:
Danne Palm-Bass, Vocals
Christoffer Norén-Guitar, Vocals
Johan Küchler-Drums, Vocals
Links: Website | Bandcamp | Facebook

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