Thursday, April 14, 2016

Band Submission: Amigo-Stoner Rock From San Diego, CA

Band Name: Amigo
Genre: Stoner Rock
Location: San Diego
Brief Bio/Description:Influenced by the lush palms, rural canyons, undulating landscapes, and little cliffs that make up the pseudo desert that is San Diego, Amigo was born. Led by front man Jeff Podeszwik, Amigo is a riff based rock band with heavy hooks, melodic vocals and fuzz driven guitars. Whether it be a tale of tragedy, a practice in prose, an untold story, or a rumor in the school hall, instructions have been given to let you in on these secrets. After all....that's what friends do. Join the cult of Amigo today!.....dudelings
Band Members:
Jeff Podeszwik
Anthony Mattos
Sufi Karaien
Anthony Alley
Links: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

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