Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Headbuzz-Your Daily Dose of Heavy and Fuzzed Out Sonic Submissions From Heavy Planet

We hope you are as serious about your band as we are, because we are about to do something unprecedented. Our goal since our inception was to get the word out about bands from around the world that otherwise may have never gotten heard. We have helped many bands in our 8-plus years of existence get noticed by labels, sell more merchandise and gain a growing fan base. Our new band submission page will be changing format. We will feature every, yes I said every band that submits to us as long as the form is filled out completely and professionally. One thing to understand however, is that not every band submitted will be reviewed. Our review process will still remain the same. This new form will be available on April 1 (no this is not an April Fool's joke) Let's say you submit on April 1, your band will be featured on April 2, that is unless there are 5 or more submissions on any given day. We will only feature a limit of 5 bands per day. In that case the bands will roll over to get queued up to the next day. The initial post will be on our main page and will then be archived on a dedicated page called HEADBUZZ. We are sorry, but if you have recently submitted your band, you will have to re-submit using the new form to get featured. We hope you are excited about this and hope we can rattle the skulls of more music fans around the world.

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