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Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Hit-Whooom

It is apparent that this band from The Netherlands likes food, monsters and beer, a lot. After releasing a few songs earlier this year with titles such as "Gorgonzilla" and "Bacon Bath", the band has just released their crowning achievement "Lager" featuring more of the tongue-in-cheek psych-infested Stoner/Sludge this dude has come to love. The songs are not short, with 4 out of the five clocking in at 9 minutes plus. Today's smorgasbord is filled with the likes of the meaty track "Beefsquatch", the riff-filled belly buster "Sandwitches" and for dessert, the psychedelic brain freeze "Kokonut Kong". Choose your poison. Facebook | Bandcamp

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