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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Cities of Mars

With music built around the concept of a female Soviet Union astronaut in the 1970’s, landing on Mars and discovering a dark ancient civilisation buried underneath the surface, played out to thick waves of lo-fi stoner doom/fuzz, you already know you’re onto something which will require your immediate attention.

Gothenburg’s Cities of Mars (featuring former members of Monolord and Marulk) are on the precipice of creating an album of sizeable prowess after hearing what their two new songs have to offer, in the form of the pounding stoner aggression of ‘The Third Eye’ and doom heavy ‘Cyclopean Ritual’ leaving a devastating effect on your audible senses. The three Swedes ( Danne Palm  - bass and vocals, Christoffer NorĂ©n – guitar and vocals,  Johan Kuchler – drums and vocals) have a sound that is truly epic on their hands; a sound which matches the seismic scale of planets, other life, and crushing realisations of possibilities of other truths.

Cities of Mars are a band that will envelope you unless you get on top of them now. Start here, and see where their path takes you.


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