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Friday, July 24, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Tuna de Tierra

Italy is slowly but surely becoming a bit of a hot bed for the stoner/sludge/psychedelic scene of late, with a growing number of fantastic bands (RAMA, Atomic Mold, Satori Junk) and labels (Taxi Driverrecords, Argonauta records) expanding the scene we all love with a hefty base in southern Europe. Added to this ever expanding list, but also separate from it all, comes Naples’ Tuna de Tierra with their debut EP Episode 1: Pilot; three psych heavy stoner jams to fill the dustiest of desert drives, wherever you come from. The band originally formed in 2013 but only completed their line-up earlier this year. The three Italians (Alessio De Cicco – guitar and vocals, Luciano Mirra – bass, and Jonathan Maurano – drums) have got the chilled out desert jams down to a tee, so much so that you’d swear they were Palm Desert born and bred. The band have great musical ability which we’re sure is going to turn into an full-length record which we will be able to burn an almighty big fat one to, but for now, these trippy jams will just about hold us.


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