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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Green Druid

Well holy shit this is heavy!
The Sleep worship is vastly evident within Denver, Colorado, four piece Green Druid on their debut EP, but they’ve used that influence in the most flattering of ways, without ripping off their predecessors, they’ve used every smoke fuelled sentiment, drawn-out riff, fuzz-toned guitar, and distorted vocal and made it their own. The heaviness of the band does not just lie within the crushing guitars or the ominous drumming, or the dark hazed vocals, it’s layered within the overall soul of the band, something which envelops everything they do. At times they are suffocating in their stoner/fuzz/doom meanderings, but it’s a cathartic resistance that you put yourself through again and again with pleasure.

The four guys (Chris Mclaughlin - Guitar/Vocals, Graham Zander – Guitar, Ryan Skates – Bass, and Ryan Simms – Drums) have only been together for one year, but their debut EP shows that they are on the verge of something truly memorable, something which we all deserve to hear. Download this offering now to prepare yourself for what’s to come.


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