Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: Hossferatu

"Don't be fooled by the hardcore thrash intro of Hossferatu's self-titled full-length debut. This album rumbles along a like a biker demon from hell. With a vocal delivery that demands your absolute attention, this bombastic amalgamation of seismic stoner riffs, bluesy doom tempos and grimey metal sludge this is just what the doctor ordered. The slow and demonic head-bobbing groove of "Throat" highlights what lies ahead. Tracks such as "Wound" and "Waterhead" hiss and moan like a venomous serpent ready to strike. Riff after glorious riff this initial release from Hossferatu will have you in it's grasp and will only let up with one final furious moment as the album comes to a barreling conclusion. Bad ass to the nth degree!"

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