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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: RoadKillSoda

"RoadKillSoda are a stoner rock quartet from Bucharest, Romania. They've been playing as a band for some time, but recently released the debut album- “Oven Sun” and it’s a killer collection of bad ass guitar riffs, pounding drums and trippy vocal melodies. It also features one of the coolest album covers of the year (artwork by Costin Chioreanu). As heavy as the band plays, the lead vocals float over the music in a lush way, mostly double tracked like those early Pink Floyd albums. They have a unique vision and it's a thorough LP from start to finish. There are no filler songs or boring moments. All of the tracks hold memorable lyrics and choruses worthy of anything Soundgarden or Alice in Chains ever put out. Not only is the music thick sludge metal, there’s a 1970’s rock and roll influence, like T. Rex and Deep Purple. Throughout “Oven Sun” are ripping solos, angular detuned guitar licks, deep wah wah effects and everything you want from a totally awesome record."

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