Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: BLACK HELL OIL


"Stomping through the heavy snow like a Sasquatch on a mad rampage comes Saskatoon, Canada's Black Hell Oil. On their latest self-titled EP the band trudges through five furious and fuzzed-out heavy rockers. The EP starts out with the contagious rock anthem "Smoke You Up". Heaviness to the max as the guitar detunes into a gargantuan riff and then rips into a killer stoner rock frenzy. Steady and intense, the band incorporates a vintage seventies feel into their sound. The opening riff on "Rock and Roll Ain't the Same These Days" is absolutely bone-crushing! The EP ends on a high note with "Bring It On". A fast-paced riff-rock neck-snapper that ties the EP all together. For those of you that have lost hope, Black Hell Oil is proof that good rock music is alive and well."

Beer Pairing: Hairy Knuckles Stout

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