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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nuclear Dog's Atomic List - Favorite EPs of 2013


And another thing, many bands release so called 7 inch albums, or EPs, typically seven tracks or less. There are as many or more of these than of the LP variety, by bands just as varied between known and newcomer as those that release the longer track sets, with songs equally as awesome. Because there are more than just a few of these I wanted to list my favorite EPs separately from the LPs because it makes a nice category and gives me an excuse to expand my overall list to 40. Again, despite the long list, place it alongside anyone else in the blogosphere of fuzz and doom and there will be only a few matches. The world of True Rock is brilliantly wonderful, isn't it? So much to love, so much to enjoy, so much to treasure that it becomes almost overwhelming. Keep in mind that much of the music in the list below is free or very low priced on the links provided. It just does NOT get any better than this.

20. Windhand - "Soma" - Relapse Records

A favorite among many, it has slowly begun to grow on me and take hold. Haunting, deep doom from this Richmond, Virginia fivesome. It will grow on you, too, I have no doubt.

facebook ... label ... bandcamp

19. Stonerfront Njimegen - "3-Days-Desert" - Fuzzmatazz Records

Beautiful stoner instrumental, fuzzy to a fault. Threepiece whose bandname comes from their hometown in the east of the Netherlands.

facebook ... bandcamp ... label

18. Electric Ruin - "Electric Ruin"

Fivesome from Ontario, Canada. Crunchy, cranky, stoner rock with a retro vibe.

facebook ... bandcamp

17. Schloost - "Notch"

Great stoner sound from this foursome out of Piacenza, Italy.

facebook ... bandcamp

16. Liquid Silk - "Liquid Silk"

Retro, stoner grooves by this foursome out of Germany.

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15. Killer Moon - "Tunnel Vision"

Psychedelic, retro monsters from Chicago.

facebook ... bandcamp

14. Deaf Proof - "Beyond the Orange Door"

Impeccable stoner riffs from Freiburg, Germany's threesome.

facebook ... bandcamp ... site

13. Doctor Smoke - "EP 2013"

Thick, smoky fuzz from the American Midwest.

facebook ... bandcamp

12. Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - "Underground" - Superhot Records

A year after releasing one of the best albums of 2012 this talented threesome from southern England release a new batch of songs with a fresh and distinctive sound that manages to maintain the signature quality of the band.

facebook ... bandcamp

11. Clan - "EP 2013"

Deep, raunchy stoner blues rich in melody from Norwich's threesome.

facebook ... bandcamp

10. Black Thai - "Seasons of Might"

Tight retro stoner riffs from Boston's fearsome foursome, complete with one of the best album covers of the year by the impeccable Alex von Wieding.

facebook ... bandcamp ... site

9. Wall of Sleep - "Mao's Gauntlet"

Haunting, bluesy stoner brilliance, released in March. The band released another 7 tracks in August on "Druid" and then promptly disbanded. Hopefully the musical genius of the band members will surface again somewhere in the near future.


8. Steak - "Corned Beef Colossus" - Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin

Flat out, kick ass stoner rock, meaty and mighty, beefy and buff. London, UK's rare foursome.

facebook ... bandcamp

7. Witchrider - "Witchrider"

Clean and intense psych / stoner rock with haunting overtones and brilliant vocals that I discovered through Seth's End of Year list. Too good to ignore and meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. Five member band from Graz, Austria

facebook ... bandcamp

6. The Superguns - "The Superguns"

Big, bold, hard, heavy, ass kicking, American rock from Melbourne, Australia's incredible foursome.
 Explosive guitars, powderkeg drums, ricochet bass, and rifling vocals.

facebook ... bandcamp

5. Dozer  - "Vultures" - Small Stone Records / Molten Universe

Veteran Swedish stoner rock band who have set a high standard since '98 and show no signs of slacking off with this late '13 release.


4. The Outlaws of Zen - "Death in the Afternoon" - Chemical City Records

Blitzkrieg stoner/retro rock combined with intelligent melodies from Michigan's foursome.

facebook ... bandcamp

3. Crypt Trip - "Crypt Trip"

Psychedelic stoner doom, brilliantly concieved, passionately executed. Huge, haunting, and hairy trio from Dallas.

facebook ... bandcamp

2. Palm Desert - "Adayoff" - BSFD Records

Poland's stoner giants, decided to release this placemarker on their day off, until they are ready to release their upcoming LP. Ended up putting out one of the top albums of the year. Brilliant. beginning to end.

facebook .. bandcamp

1. Mexicoma - "Mexicoma"

Six member stoner band from Sweden that boasts three guitars, but what sets them apart is not only their immense guitar riffs, but beautiful vocals, incredible melodies, and overall inspirational sound. Originally released in 2010 but released on vinyl in 2013 . . . so it qualifies. Music this awesome needs to be noticed and shared. Let me know if you agree.

facebook ... bandcamp


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