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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pittsburgh's Progressive Sludge Demons Supervoid Set To Release Debut Album, Stream Exclusive Track

After generating a huge buzz upon the release of their devastating EP "Endless Planets" and scorching live shows with the likes of Borracho, Been Obscene, Windhand, Clamfight and many others, Supervoid is set to release its furious debut "Filaments" on October 26th.

In astronomy, a galaxy filament is the largest known cosmic structure. They are essentially strings of galaxies that form the borders of large voids of nothing in the universe. The concept behind the album is that each track is about an event that takes place on Earth, but is reflected through the cosmos. Each track has a coinciding constellation it is related to. These are listed in the digipak/lyric booklet that will come with the CD.

Here is the cover art. Each icon represents a track. The bear is for The Bear, the snake is for Ride the Snake, etc.

Album title: Filaments

Track listing:

1. Coat of Luminous
2. Braymerian: War Elephant
3. Ride the Snake
4. Wake of the Smoke Jumper
5. Ladders
6. Arcane Groves
7. Rodeo Queens of Allegheny County
8. The Bear

The album will be released Oct 26th, when the band opens at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, Pa for the almighty Orange Goblin, Holy Grail and Lazer/Wulf. Anyone who buys an advance ticket through the band will receive the digipak CD for free the night of the show.

Listen to this exclusive track from "Filaments" This is a track titled "Ladders".

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