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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: The Playlist-Volume Eight

Here we are again, my favorite day of the week. The thing that I enjoy most about this blog is the opportunity to hear new music. It is still such a thrill after all of these years to discover a new band. With an influx of bands overflowing my inbox on a weekly basis, the only logical thing to do was to get these bands out there by use of a playlist. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the mundane daily grind of our lives it is not humanly possible to review every band that sends music our way. So far these playlists have been rather successful with an average listenership of around 150 plays and 200-plus views. Once again we have a really killer lineup of bands for you to enjoy, so without further adieu I give to you the New Band To Burn One To Playlist-Volume Eight...turn it up to 11!


Apey and The Pea - The Upperhand
Black Frost -Conqueror
Black Plastic Caskets -Philistine Sun
Black Snake -Mage
Chron Goblin - Deserter
Dozer -Vultures
Elephant Riders - Challenger
Keefshovel -Seed In The Rough
Kings Destroy -Turul
Kingshifter - Thumbsucker
Lowburn - Moonful of Stars
MONKEY3 - Icarus
Residual Comrade -The Way
Scuttlebutt -Tunnels Of India
Shoraiders -Sandra
Snakefeast -Wither
Sun Mammuth -Cosmo
Tricky Lobsters -Soul Shaker
Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight -Discoveries

I urge you to share this playlist with anyone that appreciates good music.

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