Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Band to Burn One To: The Playlist-Volume 5

Alright people! The moment you have been waiting for...the 5th edition of the "New Band To Burn One To" playlist or as we like to call it NBTBOT is here. Today we infiltrate your earholes with new music from fucking Earthmass, Bright Curse, Chivo and a new personal favorite of mine Spirits of the Dead. Also on today's playlist are new tracks from a few familiar faces such as Black Pyramid, Toner Low and the forever crushing sludge metal ensemble Beastwars. Load it up and crank it out. This is NBTBOT Playlist V5!!


Beastwars - Dune
Black Pyramid -Onyx & Obsidian
Bright Curse - Unknown Mistress
Chivo - Drill Of The Horn
Contra Limit-Winchester's Diary
Cumulus Nimbus - Forestal
Earthmass - Stjärna Ormr
Fangs Of The Molossus - I Drink Your Blood (Featuring Necromass)
Fuzz Manta- Marble Queen
Holistic Hobos-Mind-Twisting Bugger 
Louded -Cosecha
Lunatic Medlar - When the Bell Begins to Chime
Maskin-The Swarm
Mega Blue Stallion -Ride The Worm
Pektop - Black Moonshine
Picaporters - Sol de Metal
RUST - Faked Dreams
Spirits Of The Dead - Red Death
Wall Of Sleep -Demon Mind

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