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Friday, July 26, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: ZOM



ZOM is a powerful mystic entity that exists only to destroy. This extradimensional force is of unknown origin but resides in eternity beyond all worlds, beyond all time. ZOM was momentarily imprisoned but has been freed from the amphora and the chains of living bondage to begin the rampage and bring down the temple.

ZOM is a brand new project from experienced music vets Gero von Dehn (Pittsburgh, PA) and Andrew D’Cagna (Martin's Ferry, Ohio). These two multifaceted musicians have played in multitudes of bands over many years and toured the nation from Seattle to NYC. Gero von Dehn has most recently led the rock n’ roll outfit, Shovel Duck (also with D’Cagna) sang for groove-heavy metallers, Von Dane and fronted Fear Itself before that. D’Cagna can also be heard playing bass for the buzzworthy occult rock act, Brimstone Coven. Prior to that D’Cagna showed off his vocal chops in the true metal band Dofka and ripped the 6-string for the ultra groovy Wilderkin.

These two have combined forces once again to create ZOM, a monstrous force of heavy rock n' roll full of stinky, stoner grooves and grab-you-by-the-throat hooks. ZOM goes straight to the gut and doesn't stop its relentless attack until the album ends. The debut self titled album was recorded and mixed at D’Cagna’s Sacred Sound Studio in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio. Anxiously awaited, the debut release from ZOM is sure to meet, if not exceed its high expectations.

Additional notes: Special appearance by Justin Wood from Black Plastic Caskets (guitar solos on "Alien" and "Gifters") and album cover artwork by Creighton Hill.


"It's always cool when you discover a band that is based in the city you live in. This band simply known as ZOM is currently based in Pittsburgh and consists of two metal veterans. The band plays a scorching brand of stoner metal. With an infectious groove, tight riffs and metal attitude the band electrifies on their latest self-titled EP. The EP opens with the heavy groove of "Nebulos/Alien" followed by the mud-slinging southern stomp of "Burning". The vocals are raspy and powerful and coalesce with the music very well. The track "Solitary" is a gritty and emotional slow-paced ballad with melodic harmonies and a killer build-up. The EP ends on a high note with the crunchy metal rocker "There's Only Me". 
Fire one up and give these dudes a listen!" 

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