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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Band to Burn One To: The Playlist-Volume 3

Welcome to another edition of the "New Band To Burn One To" playlist. This week we have a whole new batch of killer tracks for you to check out. New songs from Black Tusk, Venomin James, Wo Fat and Monster Magnet as well as songs from some incredible new bands such as Floodriders, Iron Swan and The Ruiner. So cue up this bad boy and prepare to have your face melted off. Thanks for listening!

Black Prism-Satan's Country
Black Tusk-In Days of Woe
Chiefs - Tomorrow's Over
Dead Canyon - Just Enough Rope
Electric Lords -Messiah
Far Away Town -Surreal
Floodriders -We Know Stuff
Iron Swan -Fuzz Witch
Magma Rise-The Man in the Maze
Monolith -Hole
Monster Magnet - The Duke (of Supernature)
Solar Corona - Samara
Sonora Ritual -Child Of The Sun
The Ancient Secrets Of Levitation - Protozoic
The Ruiner -The Bull
The Valley -Clearwater (2007)
Venomin James -Sailor's Grave
Volto! -Tocino
Wo Fat -Electric Hellhound
Yidhra -Witch Queen

Please remember, if you like what you hear go to the band's page to get information on how to purchase their music and merchandise. Most are available through Bandcamp!

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