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Friday, July 5, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: Garüda



Formed in 2010, Garüda is a band that takes its sound from different styles like stoner or sludge, but always with an eye on progressive and heavy music.

Garüda's first EP was 'Labyrinths of Stone', a first approach of the band in the quest for it's own sound. For this work Garüda had the collaboration of sound engineer Billy Anderson (Melvins/Sleep). Later on, this album got out as a digital-free download edition. 

Next step for the band was thinking on a new project. Finally, in the summer of 2012, Garüda decided to get back to the studio with the technician Ruben Durán and record its next project, a split record with their band friends Blooming Látigo. For this new record Garüda has performed 'Raven Prayer' a 12 minutes trip through darkness and luminiscent stages, an eternal search between arcane formula and pagan symbolism.

During this time Garüda had shared stage with bands like Mars Red Sky, Verdun, Your Highness, Athmaa, Blooming Látigo, Mentat, Mordida, Deviante, Morne, Louded.....

David López (Voz-Guitar)
Jose Gasco (Guitar)
David Rodríguez (Bass)
Óscar Fernández (Drums)


"This new "single" "Raven Prayer" from Spanish band Garüda is a sonic escape from the outer reaches of your mind. The song is chock full of gargantuan riffing, thoughtful time changes and aural complexities. While being primarily heavy, the music is dynamic in nature and uses elements of stoner and progressive sludge to reel you into its realm. For an even more gratifying experience, check out the band's EP release "Labyrinths of Stone" which was mixed by none other than the legendary Billy Anderson. This shit is mighty. Can't wait to hear a full-fledged release.

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