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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: YANOMAMO



Sydney, Australia’s gargantuan doom/sludge quartet, Yanomamo, formed in
early 2012 via a shared love of huge riffs, feedback, B-grade horror movies &
the occult to unleash the grim sounds in their collective heads.

Members of the band have either done or continue to do time in bands such
as Birdmouth, Lomera, Rituals of the Oak, Transcending Mortality, Fattura
Della Morte, Berserkerfoxx & Mother Mars.

Drawing motivation from such titans as Iron Monkey, Church of Misery,
Eyehategod, Thin Lizzy, Goatsnake & Black Sabbath, the gargantuan
SLUDGERIDDENDOOM of Yanomamo has been blowing minds since making
their live debut at Sydney’s legendary Sandringham Hotel in September 2012.
In October 2012, the band entered the Frank St Studios in Sydney to record
their debut EP ‘Maggot’. Unleashed in December 2012, the limited edition,
cassette only release is a raw, forbidding slab described by Hand of Doom Radio as -
‘Stunning - pummelling guitar/bass/drums which are so intertwined that
they become a single entity with a brutal and evil swagger … this 4 track EP
dominates from start to finish’.

The Yanomamo live show is a confronting, crushing experience that
suffocates the audience with brutal, bottom-end-heavy riffs, volume &
intensity. The bands energetic performance is fuelled by the absolute passion
for the music that they deliver. 2012 saw the band share stages with the likes
of Looking Glass, Clagg, Broozer, Arrowhead, Fear the Setting Sun,
Agonhymn & The Ruiner as well as playing the prestigious, revived ‘Devils
Kitchen’ festival.

2013 will see Yanomamo continue to demolish stages & minds across the
country as well as re-enter the studio.


"Do not let the first few acoustic bars sway you away from Yanomamo's 4-song EP "Maggot" as you are quickly sent into a seering vat of blistering doom-laden sludge. From the instant that the tortured vocals come in and pierce your eardrums to the flanged-out moving basslines, this Aussie band will leave you begging, yes begging for more. Taking their cue from luminaries such as Eyehategod to Church of Misery, the band has created a very impressive EP that is filled with everything from hardcore vocals to straight up ripping stoner rock groove, such is the case on the 9-minute plus "Age of Water". With a bloodthirsty attitude and inhuman delivery, the band leave a lasting impression with a ton of low-end riffing and chest-crushing magnitude as you are driven to hell on album closer "Baphomet". Adding to the ambience is the addition of  horror movie samples which add an extra element of mystique and charisma. This is a feast for your ears, albeit with enough volume it may cause irreversible damage. Recommended to the highest degree.

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