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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: NIXA



We just recorded a live demo at Pinecrust studio in Miami (Ryan Haft of Capsule and Jonathan Nunez of Torche tracked, mixed and mastered it) and are getting ready to start playing out soon. You might recognize our vocalist Valentin Maelstrom from a Swedish band called Deathwolf who shares members with the black metal band Marduk. I also play drums in a post hardcore band called Secret Arms which has been reviewed quite a bit. Our bassist and guitarist have been in multiple bands from Long Island, NY down to Miami. We are currently writing and rehearsing for recordings and shows.

Valentin Mellstrom-vocals
Anthony Mendolia-guitar
Mike Rodriguez-drums
Andrew Herrero-Bass


"Well, there goes my speakers...THIS is some really HEAVY shit, and when I say heavy, I mean heavy. South Florida riff-merchants Nixa wrap a chain around their burly fist and punch you right in the jaw with this two song sludgefest. This is not music for the weak of heart as is evidenced by the first track "Bound in Troth". From the first riff and high hat bashing you are firmly planted into the muddy swamp with a fuzzy and crawling tempo. The creepy overtones and chilling vocal harmony gives off a black metal vibe, but that adds to the mood the band has set out to achieve. The skull-bashing continues amongst a flurry of volcanic drum fills and a murky haze on the second track called "Superior". The vocals on this track lean more towards the hardcore variety and is filled with more ambience and dynamics. The riff is absolutely devastating. This two-song demo did exactly what it intended to do...leave the listener wanting more!


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  1. Damn cool! Can't wait to hear more, thanks for sharing - keep up the good jobs Nixa and Heavyplanet guys!

  2. what is the origin of your bands name?


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