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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Great Red Spots / Prehistoric Pigs


Great Red Spots: Burn The Wish 

Here at Heavy Planet we are on the front lines of what is "trending" on the rock and metal war front. I use the term "trending" as lightly as possible meaning no disrespect towards the musicians. I don't want to lump them as some new genre labeled "duos". I simply mean to generalize that, personally, I'm noticing more duos now than I have previously. These modern era duets are creating tremendous walls of sound with minimal instruments and exceptional song writing, which in turn is leaving a memorable mark in my subconscious. Now, there has always been duets, but I think these current varients have become volatile... creating an intense magnetism pulling our attention to their art and sound. Take for instance at the gloom and doom duo from the Pacific Northwest Bell Witch, or the one we missed Bloodnstuff, and finally the Heavy Planet darling Indian Handcrafts. Each have made a mark in our psyches with innovative writing and orchestration. 

The latest addition to our contemporary dynamic duos is Philadelphia's Great Red Spots and their debut release Burn The Wish. Rooting their sound firmly in the fuzz these brothers in arms combine the best qualities of garage rock, grunge, and shoegaze for thirty minutes of sonic bliss. Burn The Wish begins with a two minute fuzz-terpiece that absolutely crushes. Its title, Sirens. This eager intro wastes no time setting the fuzz-tacular tone to Burn The Wish. Throughout the album I hear influences ranging from early, angry Nirvana, some Alice In Chains and even a taste of My Bloody Valentine. The distortion continues with Wolf Queen where the duo channel their inner Alice In Chains with some groovy duet style singing and the verse's harmony. My favorite tune lands at track four and goes by the name Inkblot Boy. The song has a slight post-grunge vibe, thanks to some hooks and a very listenable melody. Some could say these characteristics would kill Inkblot Boy for most of us dedicated underground music fans, but with all the extra fuzz and carefree roll Inkblot Boy proves its worth in its three minute, radio-friendly run-time. Track five, Inspirace, regresses and pulls some of those post-rock and 'gaze influences towards the forefront. The first minute and a half of Inspirace feels buried... well more submerged in a cerebral medium only to be shocked with a crash of guitars and percussion mimicking the likes of eyes experiencing sun-light for the first time. Consume bring back the more aggressive qualities of Great Red Spots and include a phenomenally placed drum roll in the last moments of the track. The album closes with a seven minute wurble, washed in distorted guitar tones and pleasantly plucked notes. If you're looking for the 'gazers garden you've found it here with Ten Oaths of Ten Colors. At first I had my doubts about Great Red Spots. Whether it was the vocals or the song's short run-time, I now forget. However, I do know this release is one that grows with listens. Give it a shot, the fella's are offering it at a cost of "name your price" over at bandcamp.

Joe - Guitar // Vocals 
Sean - Drums



Prehistoric Pigs: Wormhole Generator 

It's time to stop thinking so much about the music and just blast. No deciphering is necessary with this weeks second dose. What we have here is Italy's Prehistoric Pigs and their instrumental release Wormhole Generator. A filthy, psychedelic, and unadulterated stoner rock arrangement explicitly conceived to hypnotize and deceive mere-human listeners into a mind-numbing stupor. These fifty plus minutes are chock full of RIFFS and psychedelic modulation. A modulation that becomes a mode of transportation, a transportation through time. Track numero uno Swirling Rings of Saturn does an excellent job describing itself and beginning the transport. The guitars literally loop and swirl in and around the brain-waves that are communicating this groovy resonance. Intersellar Gunrunner, which may be the best song title I've seen this year and my personal favorite track, was orchestrated to spiral out of control. Within ten seconds we are blasting off in an ideal stoner rock guitar tone layered over slabs of bass. The track changes tempo to a doom-esque speed for a slow burn only to find your mentality immediately advancing at a voracious rate. Loss of sanity? Almost definite. Wormhole Generator concludes with Electric Dunes, twelve minutes of stoned psychedelia laden with spoken samples. Need transported from the routine, the mundane? Well, get over to bandcamp to stream Wormhole Generator in its entirety!

Jacopo Tirelli - Bass 
Juri Tirelli - Guitar 
Mattia Pi - Drums

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  1. The more I listen to Great Red Spots the more I think Nuno Bettencourt is covering the vocals... I may be crazy though...


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