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Monday, April 22, 2013


Didn't we tell you Tucson was heating up? You all remember Godhunter. And Southwest Terror Fest introduced a slew of acts that needed your attention. Well, today Tucson's sludge lords are sharing Heavy Planet's top-billing on a double-barrel blast of southwest heaviness. Godhunter may be fucking hard-asses, but they're not gonna go full-prick and deny their faithful a taste of what lies ahead on the highly-anticipated City Of Dust. And if this is just a glimpse, we can't wait for the full seven-course slaughter.

Check out Vultures' Wake, a fuzzy slab of jagged sludge formed on the scabs of the incredible Wolves and bleeding into the pools of blood that promise to collect on City of Dust. Lick the corners of your mouth and crack open a night of regret. Gritty and riff-laden, you still can't ignore the nod-inducing groove!

Godhunter - Vultures' Wake

Oh! And Anakim provide Tucson with an extended trickle of promise. The haunting sway of The Whimper of Whipped Dogs won't leave your mind anytime soon, and the murky chop only further extends the southwest's hot grip on a scene once thought exclusive to bands from America's east coast. Let this rattle your brain and numb your skull! You're not hearing this ANYWHERE else!

Anakim - The Whimper of Whipped Dogs

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