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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: CRANEIUM



Craneium is a four piece stoner/fuzz/desert outfit hailing from the vast dunes of Osthrobotnia, Finland founded late 2011. Craneium is what the fuzz is about, bringing you sludged up driving music from the underworld. Influences are stoner giants like Fu Manchu, Truckfighters, Electric Wizard and so on.
On Christmas Day we released a two song demo called "SloWerdrive tapes". This is a rehearsal space demo but we are really satisfied with the turnout. There is a part two of the "SloWerdrive tapes" that will be released when we'll have the time to record guitar and vocals for it. We are also hopeful about going in to a real studio during this year. That's if we will find time and money.

Ankko Kaján - Guitars
Martin Ahlö - Vox and Guitar
Axel Nordman - Vox and Bass
Joel Kronqvist - Drums

"I have to be totally honest with everyone by saying that this is the reason I love this blog that I started a little over 5 years ago. A band from Finland sends me their 2-song demo and wants me to listen to it. The bio suggests influences from Stoner Rock legends Fu Manchu, Truckfighters, etc. I go to their Soundcloud link, hit play and get completely levelled by the magnitude of fuzz and the dropped-heavy bass. Really, I don't care at this point that Craneium sound a lot like hundreds of other bands. The thing that I care about is the passion, energy and dedication that these 4 men possess in getting their music to the masses. This 2-song demo is a fine start and will be embedded in my cranium, no pun intended until they release more music. Good luck fellas!"

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  1. Thanks dude! It truly warms our cold hearts (seriously, it's still fucking winter over here)


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