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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Bevar Sea / The Wans


Bevar Sea: Bevar Sea

Bangalore, India based quintet Bevar Sea take a no bullshit approach to their classic 70's era inspired stoner-doom-blues. The sound oozes riffs that can only be the genius of a Sabbath love child. There literally is something here for every Heavy Planet reader... you want fuzz? Bevar Sea got some fuzzy riffs. You want soaring and melodic solos? Bevar Sea produce them in abundance. You want songs, no matter the run-time, that just need replayed? Bevar Sea's classic rock foundation keep things catchy (even with each track running over the seven minute mark). The throaty and abrasive vocals accentuate and compliment that 70's doom vibe of the record and add to the overall organic nature of this self-titled effort. There's no auto-tune here folks. Upon first rotation listeners will notice Bevar Sea's influences are blatantly worn on their sleeve. Standing in the shadows, behind Ganesh and company, are Sabbath and Dio... hands on the boys shoulders with a sly grin and nod of approval. The second track Abishtu truly stands out and has become my favorite song. The track has a quiet plucked intro that could have very well found itself on a Pelican record and abruptly slams into a heavily distorted Iommi chord and note structure. Then comes the completely righteous solo, how can this song not be a crowd pleaser? Check it out below with the excellent guitar play-through video... ohh, and if for some reason this doesn't sale you on Bevar Sea, then that fact they have patches should win you over. C'mon you know that old battle vest of yours could use a little updatin'! Get some at bandcamp... LIKE NOW!


Avinash Ramchander - Bass 
Deepak Raghu - Drums // Designs 
Ganesh Krishnaswamy - Vocals // Lyrics 
Rahul Chacko - Guitars // Art 
Srikanth Panaman - Guitars // Songs



The Wans: The Wans EP 

It's not easy deciding to write an opinion on a band who immediately became a Heavy Planet darling. I had my work cut out for me knowing I write along side some exceptionally talented wordsmiths, whom were all ready to jump on this promo for The Wans. So without further ado lets get to the band, a Nashville, Tennessee based trio of rockers, and their music, which is heavily focused on radiating the very soul of rock 'n roll across the decades and pin-pointing it to this very moment. The Wans boast a wide range of influences that come together in all its grunge-hybrid glory on this six song, self titled EP. Most notably is the familiar 90's grunge sound, although The Wans take the normally somber and serious lyrical passages and make them "feel good". I guess what I mean is when listening to early 90's rock of the grunge variety there is a serious and emotional tone throughout the music. What The Wans have done is used that familar instrumental appeal and added "feel good" lyrics... mostly about partying, which is what we all need. They have also added plenty of chances for new listeners to shout along with "Hey!'s", "Oh, oh, ohh!'s", and "Yeah!'s" through this record. And while we're singing along lets direct our attention to the vocals here. I'm not exactly sure who's leading this poetic parade but damn does he have some potency behind those pipes. When the notes get high I'm getting a serious Rival Sons / Jay Buchanan impression, which in turn calls back to early heavy blues rock front-men of the 70's and 80's. That being said the instruments are no slouch either. Each instrument seems to have a gravitation pull on one another making for a smooth band chemistry. The guitars have a tinge of that southern tone and have just enough feedback to allow me to call it stoner rock. The EP is just a teaser of what The Wans are capable of, running off at mere twenty six minutes. Right smack dab in the middle is where I found a diamond, and its name is Want You. A subtle intro compliments the bass heavy blues gallop that carries The Wans through this four and a half minute master-piece of groovy lyrics and guitar wwwrrulll. Check it out below and stay peeled for a full length, I sure as hell will be.

Mark Petaccia - Vocals // Drums 
Noah Denney - Vocals // Bass 
Simon Kerr - Vocals // Guitar

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