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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": All Them Witches / Necronomicon

All Them Witches: Our Mother Electricity (Remastered) 

Man, I love the influence the south has had on music. Whether it be blues, jazz, country, or rock something about the soul of the south etches itself in the music and it remains there... eternally. Case in point, my current favorite record Our Mother Electricity (Remastered) by All Them Witches. That southern soul is vibrant in Nashville's All Them Witches and one listen through Our Mother Electricity will make you a believer. The music the band describes as Psychedelta Rock is full of "sweaty beats and dope riffs" and most certainly inspired by "divine energy". The album is also completely dynamic. For instance the first track Heavy/Like A Witch, with its Alice in Chains dual vocalizing, is heavily blues inspired with moments of intense doom and 70's era psychedelics and the very next track The Urn finds an Americana via alt country twang and has lyrical lines that demand to be sung-along. The album continues to travel through fast paced rockers, soulful grooves and slower chill tracks. The final tracks Family Song For The Leaving and Right Hand are smooth, super chilled and full of luscious melody. Family... being an acoustic plucked gem really stands out while Right Hand has more of that Alice in Chains style vocalizing and then there is the sound of fingers sliding along the guitar strings... simply hypnotizing. The remastered edition includes a bonus track with a power-punk punch, some bad attitude and whiskey-stained breath. Seriously, why are you still reading this? Just go get a copy of Our Mother Electricity at bandcamp or Elektrohasch Records... NOW!



Ben McLeod 
Robby Staebler 
Michael Parks 
Allan Van Cleave 
Jason Staebler


Necronomicon: The Queen of Death 

The fans of psychedelic doom will rejoice at the triumphant noise resounding from Brazil's Necronomicon. Playing a low-fi style psych-rock in the name of progress, Necronomicon combine a taste of Sabbathian doom with Floyd-esque space rock. The Queen of Death, the trio's second LP, catapults listeners into an intergalactic adventure of a hit-man blood-thirsty for the evil doer known as the Queen of Death. Yes, we have a concept record on hand folks and this multi-talented trio deliver the story subtly. Most of the emphasis and emotion is placed in the albums diverse instrumentation. Necronomicon will please the psych and progressive crowd with the contrasting sounds of an organ, harpsichord and synths against a wall of guitar, bass and drums. The album truly has that 70's vintage feel. I highly suggest this one for fans of Witchcraft, Kadaver and Graveyard. Check out their official video for The Assassin's Song below. The sun bleached and over-exposed film really compliments the trippy track. Want to support Necronomicon? Order a copy of the record at Hydro Phonic Records or Necro-nom-nom-nom-icon on The Queen of Death at bandcamp.



Lillian Lessa - Guitar 
Pedro Ivo Araujo - Bass // Vocals 
Thiago Alef - Drums 

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