Monday, February 18, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: DUSKBURN



"Sometime in 2006. four guys met in a bar, got plastered in hard liquor and then wondered how would death metal sound if you lowered the strings to the lowest tuning possible.

After noticing that fast riffs don't go well together with subterranean tunings and opiate influence, we shifted our attention towards the state at which we perceive the noise that comes out of amplified speakers, and what it does to our three parts of the psychic apparatus.

Thus the idea was born; to play instruments in a pitch black room, at peak volumes under heavy intoxication."


"The latest EP from Croation doom/sludge miscreants Duskburn is a full-on aural lambaste to the umpteenth level. With down-tuned haunting melodies, bellowing death growl vocals and a psychedelic mind warp, these four dudes harvest their irritations and aggressions and rip through your corroding skull with sheer force and vigor. Heavy, dark and dense. Download this EP for FREE now on the band's Bandcamp page!"


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