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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: The Bad Light



"The Bad Light is me, Edu Cerro, and Nate Gonzales. We have been jamming together for a couple of years now but only recently feel like we have something to share. We recorded a few songs a year ago and finally have gotten around to getting them mastered."


"Somewhere between RL Burnside and Electric Wizard lives this duo's sound, depression, aggression, sex, drugs, and soul cemented together with thick fuzz concrete and pounded on with Thor's hammer."


Guitar. Fuzzy, bluesy, heavy, and slow. Stringwork that's ever present, ever beautiful, ever satisfying, at odds with and entwined around percussive and tribal logarithms of unyielding lucidity and vigor. A dance of two, a trance of three as vocal warbling spices up the recipe of distortion and clarity with a mesmerizing reverie undulating throughout the tapestry of psychedelic Santa Cruz sludge by way of delta blues. Guitar is king. Drums are the master. Intense rock by way of The Bad Light.

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