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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: 7 DIRTY WORDS



In the summer of 2006, a purebred rock n roll group emerged in Southern California to conquer the music scene with intense lyrics and larger than life sound. The earliest band members, Brian (lead vox/bass) and Nate (drums), unenthused with the yawn in the world of so called "Hard Rock" bands, decided to reinvent a sorely dysfunctional sound with their own hard hitting attempt to send the rock trend on its ear. With a project that would incorporate the earth shattering sound of monumental “real rock & roll” artists such as AC/DC, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, MC5, Supersuckers, The Hellacopters and Pantera along with an added thrill of speedy metal-like riffs and punk rock attitude, they created Seven Dirty Words.

The group spawned to life as a 3-piece ensemble playing gigs around the West coast from San Francisco to San Diego, Arizona and Nevada. After some personnel adjustments and a self-titled EP, the group sought out to find its true sound. By sheer coincidence, they crossed paths with the retro garage rock styling of Joel “El Rey” Reyes and lead guitar shredder Silvio Stefanini to complete the lineup and bring the much-needed fuller sound that they were looking for. The combined talent of the foursome spanned over the next few years, where each member channeled his rocking roots to put together a totally unique sound and message, spreading their new testament once again across the West Coast as well as a short East Coast stint. The band then conjures a potion of music more powerful than any of their previous projects releasing a second EP titled "Hard Boiled & Dirty". Fast forward to 2010 when Silvio decides to leave the band and pursue other musical endeavors. This led to El Rey making the decision to move over to lead guitar and the introduction of Mike “Spidey” Gabrielli newly acquired for rhythm duties. The following year was occupied with playing local shows in the LA/OC area and spending countless hours writing new material in the rehearsal studio in preparation of a full-length album. Come 2012 they finally lay down the tracks for the debut album “Blood Highway” with Producer Larry Ramirez of Loaded Bomb Records at the controls and release the sucker on the aforementioned label later that year. Influenced by hard driving Rock n' Roll, Punk Rock and Metal…7DW looks to revolutionize rock in an age where watered down music prevails and hard working bands never seem to get the credit that they deserve. No doubt they will shatter that stigma and keep on rolling down the Blood Highway.


"The sign on the bar marquee says "Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear" and tonight's headliner is Orange County, CA born and bred raunchy rockers 7 Dirty Words. Prepare to get screwed, blued and tattooed as the bands firmly plants their brand of punk-fused hard-driving rock and roll into your cranium. You came tonight to rock and this is what you shall receive. A night filled with ear-shattering guitars, furious rhythms, and a shit ton of attitude. As the fists fly and shots stay high, you will not leave this evening disappointed. Hail, hail rock n' roll!"

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