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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: EL STRAFFO



In the summer of 2009, Sergio Fernandez de Pallazaz met Elean Gonzalez Esteban in the Mexican desert of Tijuana, Mexico. Wondering aimlessly through the hot sand, totally zonked out Pallazaz thought Gonzalez was a bar of chocolate and bit him in the anus. That fateful meeting led to a deep friendship between the two. Elean and Sergio were two musicians without success, so they decided to form a band and smoke more cannabis. They named their band after the Mexican God of Marijuana he had met in his travels together...THE STRAFFO. The seeds of the plant was sown El Straffo was born. Thereafter, he set one goal for the band: to make very cool music and to smoke as much cannabis as humanly possible!


"Mexicannabistonerdoom has a nice ring to it. It also describes this band to a tee. Smoke a shit ton of weed, grab a few instruments and play the living shit out of them. Mexican two-piece El Straffo bring the doom with their snail-paced rhythms, totally fuzzed-out bass lines and ode to nineties grunge goodness. The band has released a full-length titled "Hecho en México" and a live recording called "Live @ Mespotine Sessions" which captures their unique heaviness, musical sincerity and minimalistic approach. Roll it up and smoke it!"

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