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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Tombstones / Void Moon

Tombstones: Year of the Burial 

An all Scandinavian Double Dose can't be a bad thing! First up are Norway's Tombstones with their pure doom record Year of the Burial. Our compadre Toby introduced us to this leviathan back in 2010 with their release Volume II. Well, needless to say Tombstones is back and with a darker demeanor. The trio have taken their fine skills, polished them and added some solid song writing for this sophomore release. Within the first moments of listening the most noticeable sounds are the truly earth-shattering bass lines. Honestly Mr. [Ole] Helstad is emitting enough bass through these speakers to rattle the teeth from your jaw, and you being a Heavy Planet reader know this is a good thing. Vocal duties are shared between guitarist Bjørn and Ole. These vocals at times are chant-like, fogged by the immense vibrations and create an uneasy atmosphere. Other times they over-power, ablaze in fury, like being shouted down in abuse. In the end I just call it doom... and damn good doom. Get your copy from Soulseller Records!


Bjørn-Viggo Godtland - Vocals // Guitar 
Jørn Inge Woldmo - Drums 
Ole Christian Helstad - Bass // Vocals


Void Moon: On the Blackest of Nights 

That's right 'Planet-heads...Scandinavia strikes again! Well, properly... Sweden does with Void Moon and their soon-to-be released On the Blackest of Nights. Void Moon are a classic doom four-piece that kneel at the altar of Sabbath and Candlemass. Void Moon crush with a steady pace of bass heavy riff-age. If you are looking for something a little more traditional to add to your playlist check out the single Hammer of Eden below and if you need a copy head you will have to wait. On the Blackest of Nights will be officially released and available November 6th courtesy of Cruz Del Sur Music.

Erika Wallberg - Guitar 
Jonas Gustavsson - Guitars // Vocals 
Peter Svensson - Bass 
Thomas Hedlund - Drums

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