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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Gonzo Morales / Snake Thursdays

Gonzo Morales: Gonzotown: Prologue - The End of Morales 

We find Mr. Morales strung out, paranoid, and unaware of how exactly he wound up in Gonzotown. Enter our quirky narrator, Gonzo Morales, who runs us through the scenario of our protagonists misadventures in Gonzotown, his soul searching and intent to escape. If you haven't caught the drift of Gonzotown: Prologue yet, allow me to cut to the chase... You are knee deep in a concept album, a damn fine concept album by a damn fine quintet. That quintet is Gonzo Morales from Copenhagen and their strength is not only found in their ability to tell a gripping story but also in their ability to structure the music around that story. That music is based in true West-American stoner rock and Americana. Gonzo Morales makes such a familiar sound all their own through a progressive mindset, bombastic percussion and a diverse guitar mastery. You definitely need to check out the clip below for the grandiose album opener Prelude and Beatencrippledburied. If you're hooked, as I was, head over to Gonzo's download page where Gonzotown: Prologue is being offered as a free download. "Now wake up!"


Chau-Chau Morales 
Esteban Morales 
Gomez Morales 
Raul Morales 
Miguel Morales


Snake Thursday: Cruise Mode 

Snake Thursday are a classic stoner rock band here to melt the ceiling off of your favorite pub. That's right, this Poznań, Poland based trio formed in 2007 to please us headbanging beer drinkers with a style of metal that packs a glorious nostalgia with contemporary RIFFS. The band dropped their sophmore release Cruise Mode this past June to the tune of five fast paced grooves that know their way around the pub. Each song is just the medicine you need when you just can't seem to find the right tunes to spin. Check out the bluesy attitude of my favorite track Bitchcraft below, but be sure to spend some time spinning God's Scythe as well over at bandcamp, you won't be disappointed.


Filip Małecki - Percussion 
Łukasz Mańczak "Maniek" - Bass 
Marcin Sikorski "Sikora - Guitar // Vocals

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