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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: MARA

HEAVY PLANET presents... MARA!


Mara is a pretty newly started 4-piece doom band from Gävle, Sweden,
focused on total heaviness with crushing sabbathy riffs and demonic howling vocals.
So far we've only released this demo with 3 songs (link to bandcamp below),
but a full length will be recorded this winter.

Thunder - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Abbe - Bass, Backing Vocals
Denka - Lead Guitar
Ülf - Drums


"First off, you gotta love the self-confidence of a singer willing to go by the moniker of Thunder, pair that up with a drummer named Ülf, and well, you get the picture. The music on this 3-song demo from these Swedes is as heavy as their names suggest. Not to leave out Abbe (Bass) and Denka (Lead Guitar), who destroy and obliterate in their own right. The music contained within this demo is stripped down Stoner/Doom rock to the mutha fuckin' core. "Greed" is the standout track on this demo. It begins with an eerie intro that leads into a pulverizing series of stacatto punches by a heaving fist of doom. You can check this demo out for free on their Bandcamp page."

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