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Friday, October 12, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: The KAMALS



The Kamals are a 5-piece rock n' soul band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK. They are comprised of a group of close friends all with strong musical backgrounds. The idea of the group actually coming together wasn't realized until some casual jamming between recording sessions at Old Dog Records around August of 2011. Seeing as how all members were highly experienced playings shows and writing music in other outfits (not to mention they have been jamming together for over 5 years), they decided to pool their resources together and try something new. With everyone having nearly the same base influences and a collective idea of what they wanted to do, it wasn't hard for the group to come up with a diversified set they could play live, playing with the likes of The Trading Co., The Black Jack Gypsys, Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights, and Bright Light Social Hour. River Myers, Trey Allen, Zak Kaczka, Loren Williams, and Brad Nance are still recording and writing their own material, with a debut E.P. released in February, and continue to play live shows in and around the OKC metro area.


"Ah man, dig that freakin' groove! I feel like I am in a seventies flashback right now. The Kamals lay down some mean seventies heavy psychedelic rock. With screaming solos, pounding hammond organs and far-out sound effects the band welcomes you with the killer vibe of "Tell Me". The band then takes you down a 15-plus minute path of acoustic-driven country rock on "Hands in the Water". Next up is the twangy-stomp of  "Happy E". The EP closes with the psychedelic fuzz and beauty of "Between the Tides". The music gets into your blood and reaches into your soul. Check these cats out and chuck a buck for this demo. Cool stuff!"

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  1. It cracks me up these guys are from OKC and I've never heard them. Granted, I don't frequent the late night establishments, but I pay attention to the local press, both from Norman and from OKC. I'll have to check them out sometime live.


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