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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: GOYA

HEAVY PLANET presents...


Goya is a stoner doom metal three piece from Phoenix, Arizona. They started playing shows in April and released their demo in September. Consisting of members of various Phoenix area metal and punk bands, they enjoy smoking reefer, turning their amps all the way up and contemplating the end the universe.

Jeff Owens - vocals, guitar
Shane Taylor - drums
Jirix-mie Paz - bass


"Crumbling the Earth below comes the behemoth sounds of Phoenix Stoner/Doom band Goya. The band packs a ton of  righteous riffage into their latest self-titled demo. DIY production lends to the stripped down sound. The songs are for the most part slow, loud and heavy. Just the way I like it! The demo starts off with "God Lie", a furious blast of metal and settles nicely into a sweet doom groove. The timely usage of feedback on "Mourning Sun" sends chills through your spine , but the unnerving feeling ends once the first punishing riff rattles your skull. The riffs constantly wallow and bend into a devastating power chord as the drums keep the steady snail-paced rhythm on the 11-plus minute closer "Night Creeps". This is a thrilling demo from these desert doomsters in the vein of Electric Wizard and Sleep. Take a listen and then chuck a few bucks for the demo on Bandcamp".


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